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By B. A. E. Meekings, T. P. Kudrycki, M. D. Soren (auth.)

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1 if (n < 0) printf (lin is negative\n"); if (n == 0) printf (lin is zero\n"); if (n > 0) printf (lin is positive\n"); 1* 1* 1* 1* since the three statements above are distinct conditional statements, all tests are always performed. 1 is a single conditional statement. The first ifhas a corresponding else, and what follows the else is a conditional statement. This way of expressing a condition may at first seem strange, but it will usually pennit an elegant expression of our logic. In addition it is economical, in that, when one of the tests within the statement is satisfied and the corresponding action undertaken, execution of the conditional statement tenninates.

And print/. One of these variants allows us to deal with strings. A Book on C 38 STRINGS In C a string constant is a sequence of characters enclosed in double quotes. Like other data items strings may be read in, stored, manipulated and printed. Strings are stored in arrays of characters (this topic is covered in detail in chapter 7) and are referenced by the address of the first character, a pointer to array of char. The general form of the version of sctuifthat processes strings is sscanf (data_string, control_string [, argument_list]) sscanf scans the string data _string attempting to match the data items specified in the control string.

Thus to compute the sum of the first N natural numbers we could write: sum = 0; for (i = 1; i <= N; i++) sum = sum + i; or, if it is more suitable to count down: sum = 0; for (i = N; i >= 1; i--) sum = sum + i; In C, the statement controlled by the for statement in these examples can be more concisely written as: sum += i; THE cOlllilllle STATEMENT We have seen that break will cause immediate exit from a switch or while statement. It will also cause immediate exit from a do statement or for statement.

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