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Within the outdated testomony, God commanded the folks of Israel to construct the Tabernacle with what He had advised them? —that is, with gold, silver, bronze, blue, red, and scarlet thread, nice woven linen, goat? ’s hair, ram skins dyed pink, badger skins, and acacia wooden. Like this, it truly is with the gospel note of the water and the Spirit, the fabrics of religion set by way of God, that we also needs to construct the holy condo of religion in our hearts.

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In 1911 Mr. James Sprunt of Wilmington, North Carolina, gave to the Trustees of Union Theological Seminary in Virginia the sum of 30,000 funds for the aim of creating a perpetual lectureship which might let the establishment to safe at times the providers of special ministers and authoritative students outdoors the normal school as exact academics on matters attached with numerous departments of Christian notion and Christian paintings.

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The greatest and last prophet is Mohammed himself, in whom prophetism reached its fulfillment. Along with the doctrine regarding God and his relation to the world, prayer, hospitality, and benevolence occupy a prominent place in the teaching of Mohammed, looked at from its practical side, and also the belief in a future life, in the Jewish-Parsee form of the resurrection of the dead, the judgment of the world, future reward and punishment, paradise and hell. The truth of this divine revelation rests upon the very fact of its having been revealed, and, according to Mohammed, it no more needs scientific proof than confirmation by miracles, to which Islamism did not appeal until later.

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43] Ex. xx. 2, 3. [44] Ex. viii. 10; xv. 11; xviii. 11; xx. 3. [45] Deut vi. 4; iv. 28, 35; xxxii. 39; Isaiah, xliv. 6, 8; xlv. 5, 6. [46] Amos, vii. 14. [47] Isa. i. 11-18; Jer. vii. 21-23. —Tr. —Tr. [50] Jer. xxxi. 31, et seq; Isa. ii. 2-4; Amos, ix. 12; Isa. xxv. 6; lii. 15; lvi. 6, 7; lxvi. 23; Zech. viii. 23; xiv. 9, 16. [51] Isa. liii. —Tr. [53] The most original sources of the Christian religion are the Synoptic Gospels, in which, however, criticism must distinguish between the older and later portions.

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