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By K. Briggs

A vintage in folklore scholarship prepared in 2 components. folks Narratives includes stories instructed for edification or pride, yet no longer considered factually real. folks Legends provides stories the tellers believed to be documents of tangible occasions.

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After a consultation it was decided to fetch the oldest inhabitant; as he was an invalid he had, perforce, to be produced in a wheelbarrow. On trying to come up with the water-fowl, that naturally swam over to the other III Jocular tales 47 side. “Wheel ma round,” the old man shouted; then, as the bird swam back, “Wheel ma round agyen;” and so on, till, failing to get close to the bird, he gave his opinion afar off. “’Tis a dab-chick,” he declared, with oracular gravity. Thereupon the natives were satisfied, but when outsiders came to know the story, they laughed heartily, and ever since the good folks of Aldbourne have been styled “dabchicks” about the down-side.

I mind thur wur a lot on ’em thur from Ca’an as wur a-tellin’ up zuch tales as was never about the Cannin’s vawk. —a-top o’ the tower, to make un grow as big as the spire. I never he-ard tell o’ zuch a thing! Should ’ee iver thenk as ’twer true? An’ the’ tell’d I as ’twarn’t but a vurry veow years ago as some on ’em hired as ther wur a comut ur what ’ee caals it, to be zeed in ’Vize market-place, an’ pretty nigh aal Cannin’s went in thur to zee un, an’ niver thought o’ lookin’ to zee wur they cudden zee un at whoam.

41, p. 52. Folk-Lore, III, p. 559. Suffolk. TYPE 1416 (variant). 2 [Test of curiosity]. A variant of “A Daughter of Eve”, “The Mouse in the Jug”, which is among Vitry’s Exempla. See also “Bob Appleford’s Pig”, “That’s Not Your Business”, “Of the Ploughman that said his Pater Noster”. COAT O’ CLAY [condensed version] Once upon a time in Lindsey there was a wise woman who was a rare one for giving advice to those in trouble. One day, as she was paring potatoes at her door, she saw the very picture of a fool coming up the path.

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