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By John W. I. Lee

Professor Lee offers a social and cultural historical past of the Cyreans, the mercenaries of Xenophon's Anabasis. whereas they've got frequently been portrayed as a unmarried summary political neighborhood, this e-book finds that existence within the military used to be quite often formed via a suite of smaller social groups: the formal unit employer of the lochos ('company'), and the casual comradeship of the suskenia ('mess group'). It comprises complete therapy of the environmental stipulations of the march, ethnic and socio-economic kinfolk among the warriors, gear and delivery, marching and camp behaviour, consuming and ingesting, sanitation and treatment, and lots of different issues. It additionally accords targeted cognizance to the non-combatants accompanying the warriors. It makes use of historic literary and archaeological facts, historic and smooth comparative fabric, and views from army sociology and smooth conflict stories. This publication is vital analyzing for an individual engaged on old Greek war or on Xenophon's Anabasis.

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Introduction 17 of the soldiers’ health, hygiene, and diet, or to fill in what he leaves out, we will consult modern reference works including medical manuals, nutritional guides, and sanitation handbooks. Here at least we can rest secure in assuming that however much the Cyreans differed culturally from us, they were physiologically as human as we are. In sum, our analysis of the mercenaries of Cyrus combines the personal angle of vision introduced by Keegan and Hanson, the logistical perspective of Engels, and Dalby’s emphasis on soldiers’ small communities.

1 Maps enable modern readers to comprehend Xenophon’s narrative visually. They show the magnitude of the trek, all 3,000 kilometers of it. They allow us to place the Cyreans geographically as no ancient reader ever could have. Little wonder that figuring out exactly what path the Cyreans took from Ionia to Cunaxa and back again has been an enduring concern of Anabasis studies. 2 Thanks to them, we can now trace the Cyreans’ footsteps fairly precisely, although some of the most vexing topographical questions, especially for central Anatolia, can never be definitively resolved.

19–22). An. 20–3. An. 16–18. 16–17) that “many enemies” were pursuing the army during the Armenian blizzard may have been an exaggeration intended to prod tired and sick men back onto their feet. For Anatolian mercenaries see An. 18. An. 24–8. For a coalition of Chalybians, Taochians, and Phasians see An. 5–6; cf. 8–9 for possibly similar efforts by the Macronians and Colchians. 109 An. 15–18. An. 1–14. This would explain why some villages appear empty of inhabitants (An. 19–20; cf. 2–3). The march route 35 not flee collaborated with the Cyreans in hopes of preserving their homes and at least some of their food.

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