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By Richard H. Johnson, Robert A. Houze Jr.

Through a sequence of studies through invited specialists, this monograph will pay tribute to Richard Reed's extraordinary contributions to meteorology and his management within the technological know-how group during the last 50 years.

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II\ , .... :,. \ ". a .. ; ... . . f, ... '\ • " ~ \"~ ... -. ~ I (/ ,'" ~' .. \ I ~ ... \ \ . •I " . II JIo_.. I \ , \\ . ,...... -, .. =--~... . . . ~. . ---t-__ lo'1::... \ ... " '",1,' \/ "'. \ \ .. ,: •• .. - I \ Of~ • I ... :; I -\ . '.. . :" . :. ' . : \ \~ ~ ........... . , \ '\ ... \, .. \ .. \ ' \ • .... ~...... '" -.. '.... ". ,. ;, ...... , \ .. : ... • ~ . culations, reproduced here as Fig. 7 from Keyser (1999, his Fig. 10). In Figs. 7a,b a jet exit region is approaching a low-level frontal zone.

24c). This frontogenesis maximum strengthens further and expands northeastward to the eastern Great Lakes by 0000 UTC 10 December (Fig. 24d). The expansion and strengthening of the 500-hPa frontogenesis maximum in the 24 h ending 0000 UTC 10 December is driven almost exclusively by horizontal confluence (not shown). The twisting term contribution to frontogenesis is weakly negative in response to large-scale ascent maximizing along the warm side of the main baroclinic zone (not shown). Comparison of Figs.

The now well-defined region of tropopause folding at 0000 UTe 10 December is concentrated at the leading edge of an area of strengthening 500-hPa frontogenesis that is dominated by horizontal confluence (not shown) (Fig. 24d). Likewise, tropopause folding lies in the entrance region of the 300-hPa jet (Figs. 25d). A computation of total foldogenesis from (3) and the contributions to foldogenesis from horizontal confluence from (4) and from differential vertical motion from (5) for 1200 UTC 9 December and 0000 UTC 10 December are shown in Fig.

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