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By Naresh Chandra Ghose, Nilanjan Chatterjee, Fareeduddin

The e-book is a considerate dialogue with scientists learning convergent plate obstacles corresponding to the well known, lively India-Eurasia collision sector. It offers a entire choice of petrographic photos of ophiolitic rocks exhumed from oceanic lithosphere and mantle on the India-Asia plate boundary. Ophiolite is uncovered within the northwestern Himalayas, japanese Indian plate margin and Andaman-Nicobar Islands. on the jap margin, it happens in a slim strip comprising mantle peridotite tectonite, cummulate peridotite-gabbro-plagiogranite-anorthosite, mafic dyke, volcanics and oceanic sediments. Low temperature/high strain rocks together with blueschists and eclogites have been broadly studied lately. Ophiolite derived sediments and podiform chromites can also be mentioned to supply whole info. Supplemental maps, geological sections, box sketches and pictures will clarify the constitution, stratigraphy, ore mineralization, and metamorphic history.

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G. at Koya rivulet, Purr and Laluri sections). The thickness of the individual cycles varies from \1 to [10 m (Agrawal 1985). The sediments were deposited in the shallow marine waters of an epicontinental sea or lagoon. The conglomerate contains clasts of serpentinite, gabbro, basalt, chert (with or without radiolaria), crystalline limestone, quartz, jasper, quartzite, sandstone, phyllite and slate embedded in a reworked tuffaceous to siliceous cement. The tuffaceous matrix constitutes up to 50 % by volume of the rock.

4 Nidar Crustal micro-gabbro with ophitic texture and cumulate gabbro: • Plagioclase contains olivine inclusions, clinopyroxene contains olivine and plagioclase inclusions and pargasitic hornblende rims clinopyroxene: olivine—plagioclase— clinopyroxene MORB-type crystallisation sequence. • Large lobate olivine grains and interstitial neoblasts of euhedral olivine and some clinopyroxene: evidence of magmatic reactions. • An-rich plagioclase core with kink and bent cleavage is rimmed by undeformed plagioclase; lower-Ca clinopyroxene is rimmed by higher-Ca undeformed clinopyroxene, pargasite rim around diopside: deformation followed by amphibolite facies metamorphism.

J Asian Earth Sci 25:95–107 Bandopadhyay PC (2011) Re-interpretation of the age and environment of deposition of paleogene turbidites in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Western Sunda Arc. J Asian Earth Sci. 018 Bandyopadhyay S, Subramanyam MR, Sharma PN (1973) The geology and mineral resources of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Rec Geol Surv India 105:25–68 Baxter AT, Aitchison JC, Ali JR, Zyabrev SV (2010) Early Cretaceous radiolarians from the Spongtang massif, Ladakh, NW India: implications for Neo-Tethyan evolution.

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