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The e-book includes over 1100 phrases and is meant to be a short reference consultant for the reader of The Hobbit & The Lord of the earrings, the place previous, unusual and archaic phrases should be quick regarded up and their that means made transparent. Draught for instance happens 35 instances within the textual content with not less than five diversified meanings. It ability present of air in a single sentence, ingesting, or a drink or potion in one other, one that is drafted into carrier in one other, to attract or to drag in one other and at last the intensity a vessel sinks within the water. One must comprehend the entire meanings for you to absolutely comprehend the textual content. The phrases within the first component of every one publication are prepared so as of visual appeal within the books. within the final part, the phrases are prepared alphabetically for ease of discovering a specific notice with out regard to the place it really is used. additionally incorporated is the sentence the place the notice is used to supply the reader with the contextual atmosphere of the observe within the sentence it's utilized in as an reduction to appreciate the that means.

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Attercop 170 A spider. Attercop! Attercop! , recklessly or shamelessly bold; impudent. We are met together in the house of our friend and fellow conspirator, this most excellent and audacious hobbit…. bannocks 58 A flat cake made of oatmeal, barley-meal, or the like, commonly cooked on a griddle. The bannocks are baking! barrel 29 A cylinder or drum. The round part of a key. " he said, and handed to Thorin a key with a long barrel and intricate wards…. bay 295 A stand made by a hunted animal to face or repel pursuers, or, fig.

Mere 196 A lake; a pond. Up from mere and pool at night! mead 196 A meadow. Now chiefly poetic. Back to pasture, back to mead, kine 196 Archaic plural of cow. Used in numbers combinations with a sense of 'kingly-royal' Where the kine and oxen feed! hustled 197 To shake, push, or shove roughly; often, to force roughly or hurriedly into, out of, or through a place. He had as much as he could do to prevent himself from being hustled and battered to bits; but at last the jostling crowd began to break up….

Not knowing the English meaning or origin of the word Beorn does not take away from the understanding of the text on a pure reading level. Knowing the meaning of Beorn, certainly adds to understanding the text, but this understanding is a deeper, more intricate level of language and of Tolkien himself. It does not mean that words like this are unimportant, it is just that they are beyond the scope of this book. Useage The words from the book are listed exactly as they appear in the text, in the same tense.

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