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ADM group (Figure 1) 2. CTG group (Figure 2) All the patients underwent comprehensive periodontal treatment that included detailed oral hygiene instructions, scaling, root planning and occlusal adjustment if necessary. Acrylic stents were made for the treatment sites to increase precision and reproducibility of measurements. Surgical Technique The surgical area in the ADM group was prepared with adequate anesthesia using 2% Lignocaine HCI containing 1:80,000 epinephrine. The incision design introduced by Zucchelli avoiding vertical incisions was used throughout the chapter [19].

6667 -2. 1120 0. 0489 S 9 months 4. 5500 0. 8317 0. 7746 -1. 5303 0. 1433 NS 56. 3260 27. 3963 5. 1000 72. 7800 10. 7263 -1. 7685 0. 0939 NS *** P<0. 001 – Significant(S). *** P>0. 001 - Not Significant(NS). 38 Nikesh N. Moolya, Swati B. Setty, Srinath Thakur et al. Table 2. Percentage of root coverage. Comparison between the two groups was statistically significant with greater reduction in CTG group at a p-value of 0. 0170 (*** P<0. 001,S) (Table 1). Gingival index values in ADM group reduced from 0.

2 shows these values in group II cases. Table no. 3 shows the degree of relapse and percentage of operculum tissue regrowth in group I and group II cases at different post-operative periods. Group I cases showed no relapse one week and one month post-operatively as compared to the immediate post-operative values. Paired ‗t‘ test was done to evaluate the difference in the post-operative values at different periods in group II cases. Bar graph shows the occlusal tissue clearance in group II cases comparing preoperative, immediate, one week and one month post-operative values.

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