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He is content to affirm that he has not treated his Irish names as badly as the mediaeval writers of the stories of King Arthur treated their Welsh names. But Mr. Yeats is not living in the Middle Ages. Whether we regret it or not, we cannot ignore the knowledge of those to whom we communicate our works. (50) Yeats, in early editions of his poetry, tried to use phonetic forms of the namesUsheen for Oisinbut he did make revisions in the spelling of Irish names, as successive editions of his poems demonstrate.

Caesar or Caesars. The name of the famous Roman family and later part of the title of Roman emperor. ) The Caesar name was passed on to his adopted son Augustus and was continued in use by Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, and thereafter, without family connection, by succeeding emperors. The name in the plural form is used by Yeats only to suggest the emptiness of power, but he uses it differently in the singular. Here it suggests isolation and the need of silence: "His eyes fixed upon nothing ...

In more recent times, the name is frequently used pejoratively. " Burke. Edmund Burke (172997), Irish-born statesman who championed self-government for Ireland. Although his mother was a Catholic, Burke was raised as a Protestant. To Yeats, this statesman and renowned orator was one of the greatest men of Anglo-Irish history. " Butler or Butlers. Butler is a family name in Yeats's paternal ancestry. ] The name goes back to the twelfth century, when Theobald Walter was named by King John to the hereditary office of Butler to the lord of Ireland.

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