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Severe Space Weather Events--Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts

The opposed results of utmost area climate on glossy technology--power grid outages, high-frequency conversation blackouts, spacecraft anomalies--are renowned and good documented, and the actual methods underlying house climate also are in most cases good understood. much less good documented and understood, even if, are the capability fiscal and societal affects of the disruption of serious technological platforms by means of serious area climate.

Climate Dynamics of the Tropics

The 1st variation of my e-book "Climate and move of the Tropics" was once quite modern to the center of 1985. In a moment printing in 1988 it used to be attainable to accomplish a number of literature references and to right a few misprints. even though, lively learn has taken position over the last 5 years in numerous components of tropical weather dynamics, particularly within the atmosphere-ocean mechanisms of weather anomalies, weather prediction, ocean circulate, and paleoclimates.

The Nature of Ball Lightning

In 1837 a finished dialogue of lightning seemed within the Annual of the French Bureau des Longitudes with a bit on ball lightning which supplied for the 1st time a on hand resource within the clinical literature of the elemental homes of this curious traditional phenomenon. the writer, Francois Arago, was once the dominant impression within the French Academy of Sciences within the 19th century, having join that august physique on the age of twenty-three.

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Cognitive function was assessed by the performance index, which was based on serial performance scores in numerical facility and speed of closure tests. Physiologic effects were assessed by blood pressure and heart rate measurements. 0 (mild): subjects show peak heart rate of 80-85 beats/min, systolic blood pressure elevation <10 mm Hg, moderate pupillary dilatation, slight blurring of vision and dryness of mouth, some mental slowing, minimal loss of coordination, no loss of contact with reality, lowest performance score of 60% at 7 h; recovery at approximately 48 h.

1963. Toxicological Studies of Effects of BZ on Animals. S. Army Chemical Research and Development Laboratories, Edgewood Arsenal, MD (as cited in Rosenblatt et al. 1974). NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology). 2011. 3-Quinuslidinyl benzilate. NIST Standard Reference Database 69: NIST Chemistry WebBook [online]. ID=6581-06-2&Units=SI [accessed Jan. 9, 2013]. NRC (National Research Council). 1982. Possible Long-Term Health Effects of ShortTerm Exposure to Chemical Agents, Vol.

5. Probit analysis for exposures associated with various TRI indices was reported by Ketchum (1963). The analysis provided an ED50 (a concentrationtime product causing a specific TRI score in 50% of the test subjects) with 95% confidence limits for aerosol exposures (see Table 1-3) for groups of 36 volunteers. S. Department of the Army 1974). Ketchum et al. (1967) also reported the results of field-condition assessments (project DORK) for exposure to BZ aerosols. The assessments appeared to be an extension of the pyrotechnic exposures mentioned above.

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