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By Eileen Stillwaggon

AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty combines the insights of economics and biology to provide an explanation for the unfold of HIV/AIDS and carry a telling critique of AIDS coverage. Drawing on a wealth of medical facts, Stillwaggon demonstrates that HIV/AIDS can't be stopped with no knowing the ecology of poverty. Her message is positive, with pragmatic suggestions to the illnesses that advertise the unfold of HIV/AIDS.

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And all of them provide positive spillovers in economic and human development. The means are at hand for preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and for improving lives. The only problem is convincing people that those two objectives are one and the same. u Appendix: sex, everywhere Since HIV can be transmitted sexually, and most HIV is transmitted sexually in poor countries (and increasingly in transition countries), it is reasonable to include sexual behavior as one of the determinants of HIV prevalence.

2001). Not all studies, however, show that micronutrient deficiency causes increased parasite load. , 2001). Of course, this demonstrates not the danger of micronutrient sufficiency but, rather, the complexity of nutrient balance and vulnerability. It also shows that vaginal hygiene and nutritional balance interact to protect against infection. Besides undermining nutrition, parasites play another role in promoting infectious disease. The immune system protects the body by distinguishing between self and nonself.

Rates of partner change, concurrent sexual relationships, and contacts with sex workers were not correlated with rates of HIV. None of the factors taken into consideration could account for the high prevalence among teenage girls, soon after first sex and with few exposures. They state that, “In fact, behavioural differences seem to be outweighed by differences in HIV transmission probability,” although it is unclear if they would consider factors beyond those they mentioned as contributing to that difference in probability.

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