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The US has turn into not just the most powerful state on the earth however the most powerful country within the background of the realm. american citizens have to comprehend either why this has occurred and what their obligations are because the world's dominant strength. during this well timed and telling booklet, Jim Garrison, president of the San Francisco-based nation of the realm discussion board, argues that the preoccupation with army enlargement is a deadly mistake, bringing up either FDR and Harry Truman as types for combining army strength with establishment development. a part of the ebook is dedicated to the Roman empire as one other very important version, with cautionary classes approximately incorporating equity and admire for different cultures into the governing procedure. Rome's empire persisted for 1,000 years; America's might finish a ways quicker, says Garrison, except it reveals the way to stability may possibly with correct. This e-book presents a blueprint for that stability.

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It almost certainly will weaponize space within the next decade, giving the United States essentially complete military control over global communications. 25 26 A M E R I C A AS E M P I R E In addition to these overt displays of power, the United States also applies what journalist Robert Kaplan calls supremacy by stealth. This includes covert operations implemented by special forces operatives in over 170 nations worldwide, with an average of nine "quiet professionals," as the army calls them, on each mission.

That bipolar rivalry is now a relic of the past, and while an issue such as the war on terrorism seems to loom quite large, it does not even begin to compare with the tensions and gravity of the nuclear confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union in the second half of the last century. The United States, indeed the entire world, is now unfettered by an overarching strategic rivalry in which everyone must participate, take sides, and make sacrifices to sustain. is the power of the United States that it operates in what policy analysts Stephen Brooks and William Wohlforth call "the realm of choice rather than necessity"3 and it does so to a greater degree than any other T H E AMERICAN M O M E N T O F C H O I C E SO great 34 AMERICA AS EMPIRE power in modern history.

This is a precious but very fragile moment, one that has never occurred before in the long journey of humankind, one that must be used for both deep reflection and imaginative action. THE CRISIS O F T H E NATION-STATE SYSTEM The tiny fly in the ointment takes shape with the notion that America may not be up to the task, a concern raised by Henry Kissinger in his book Does America Need a Foreign Policy? "4 But this does not make the situation straightforward, he says. On the one hand, the United States is sufficiently able to do what it wants internationally.

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