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By Charles M. Bergren

This paintings seems to be below the hood of all robot tasks, stimulating lecturers, scholars, and hobbyists to profit extra in regards to the gamut of parts linked to keep an eye on structures and robotics. It bargains a distinct presentation in delivering either idea and philosophy in a technical but enjoyable approach.

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Since the actuator cannot respond right away, output signal d would not change right away. The error signal b would reflect our wild inputs. The actuator input would see a wildly fluctuating input as well. If our input signals fluctuated somewhere near the natural frequency, v, of the sytem, the output might actually ring out of phase with the input signal. This is exactly what happens when we oversteer a car. A car’s suspension can be modeled as a second order system where: ■ ■ ■ The mass is represented by the car itself.

2 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 Time t FIGURE 2-17 The second-order system responds differently as the frequency is varied. ■ Response time Take a look at Figure 2-17 entitled Varying Frequency Only. It was made holding the damping parameter d constant and varying the frequency v (we’ll get into how to do that soon). The point is, the curves rise toward the final value of 1 at varying speeds. A few ways are available for measuring the response time, including ■ Time from 0 to first crossing of 1 ■ Time from 0 to first peak overshoot (the maximum value) The system has a different response time for different values of damping.

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