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By John Bodel, Nora Dimitrova

Historic files and their Contexts comprises the court cases of the 1st North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (San Antonio, Texas, 4-5 January 2011). It gathers seventeen papers offered by way of students from North the United States, Europe, and Australia on the first formal assembly of classical epigraphists subsidized by way of the yank Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy. starting from technical discussions of epigraphic formulae and palaeography to huge attention of inscriptions as social files and visible files, the subjects and methods represented mirror the diversity of how that Greek and Latin inscriptions are studied in North the US this present day.

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It is clear that the usual pattern of ordinary and intercalary years was not operating in these years. ” The war certainly qualifies as such a time. It was one of the most terrible crises the city had ever faced. Her very existence was threatened. It is not difficult to imagine that at such a time many irregularities may have crept into the calendar and that normal adjustments, intercalations, 31 Morgan 1996. Athens In Crisis: The Second Macedonian War 25 were not made systematically. Based on the evidence available, the conclusion must be that a major dislocation in the Metonic cycle occurred during the years of the war that carried over for at least five years after it.

13 ig I³ 977. EPIGRAPHIC EVIDENCE FOR CULT & RELIGION IN COASTAL DEMES 31 The meaning of the series of letters placed between καί and the verb ἐχσοικ[οδό]μεσεν is puzzling (Fig. 2). e. 2 Detail of ig i³ 977 b. Epigraphical Museum of Athens. Photo i. Bultrighini 14 A synthesis of the discussion can be found in Schörner – Goette 2004: 52–54, Connor 1988: 166–174, Purvis 2003: 44–50. The text presented here corresponds to the edition offered by Schörner – Goette 2004. The underlined letters went lost after the discovery of the stone, but before that happened, they were recorded by Chandler and Gell.

3. Cf. J. and L. Robert, be 85, 1972 no. 150, Whitehead 1986: 79, note 54, 205–206. 37 EPIGRAPHIC EVIDENCE FOR CULT & RELIGION IN COASTAL DEMES Eleusinion, and of a list of priestly prerogatives for the sacrifices. The text mentions the Eleusinian goddesses, Kore and Demeter, along with their associates Pluton and Iacchos.  .  .  .  . ]ο̣[————————————————— —] 5 10 15 20 25 30 38 Clinton 1996: 122 presumes that a sacrifice to Demeter Thesmophoros was performed in the Eleusinion in question. 38 Bultrighini [- - -] of the hieropoioi [- - -] a sow to [Demeter Thesmo]phoros [- - -] [- - -] they shall set before [- - -] [- - -] to the torch holder [- - -] the priestly prerogatives: leg, loin, haunch [- - -] [- - -] The [hieropoioi] and the herald shall eat [- - -] [- - -] they shall sacrifice a ram to Plouton [- - -] for?

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