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By J. Gossman

Revered through his friends and highly winning across the world in his personal time, André Maurois is now rarely learn. reasonable and conciliatory in every little thing, together with his literary variety, he appealed to the proficient reader of his time, yet did these very characteristics hinder him from reaching lasting contrast and influence?

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Blum’s Stendhal et le beylisme, published in 1914, went through many editions. The 152nd edition of Du Mariage, first published in 1907, came out in 1947. 0006        André Maurois (1885–1967) with Gide (1890–1950), ed. Pierre Lachasse, appeared with the Presses Universitaires de Lyon in 2011. In the very earliest of the letters (1890) the two men were already using the familiar “tu” form to address each other. Though certainly not a Socialist in 1937, Maurois had been attracted to socialism when a student of Alain’s at the lycée in Rouen, had been interested in the movement to set up the so-called universités populaires and had given lectures at such institutions in Elbeuf and Rouen.

17 Around the same time, in a diary entry dated 12 August 1928, he recorded approvingly a remark Kipling made to him over lunch on that day. To his telling Kipling of having read Kim “twenty or even thirty times” and of the great popularity of Kipling’s tales among young people in France, Kipling responded: “In England the younger generation have rather moved away from me. They are looking for something different, and that’s as it should be. If a young writer were unlucky enough to be over-fond of my books he would simply write Kiplingese, and would not find his own legs .

Denver Lindley (New York and London: Harper and Brothers, 1940; orig. Tragédie en France [New York: Éditions de la Maison Française, 1940]); the Churchill meeting is described on pp. 3–4. Maurois’ admiring portrait of Churchill appeared in English in The Living Age: The World in Review (founded in 1844, closed down in 1941), vol. 351, no. 4444 (January 1937): 413–415. Churchill was again presented in an extremely favourable light and his strength and determination contrasted with the suspicion in traditional British conservative circles of his “dictatorial” tendencies and “hot-headedness” in a review of Clare Boothe’s Europe in the Spring (New York: Knopf, 1940) in The Saturday Review (14 September 1940, p.

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