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The ANSI/ISO C++ specialist Programmers instruction manual is a concise expert C++ reference instrument that provides all the alterations and addenda to the language specification. It includes suggestions and directions for exerting the entire power of C++ as a multi-purpose object-oriented programming language. the recent regular Briefing part presents insurance of the most recent model of the C++ language together with additions and changes to the language, new constructs similar to integrated bool kind, namespaces, RTTI, new header dossier conventions, internalization, reminiscence administration and new solid notation. also, we now have incorporated a guide of Programming kind, a Compatibility Compendium, and destiny instructions review

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The interface of an overloaded += needs to reflect the fact that it modifies its object but not its right operand. 2000 14:45:47] ANSI/ISO C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook - Chapter 3 - Operator Overloading non-const member function. For example class Date { private: int day; int month; int year; public: Date(); //built-in += changes its left operand but not its right one //the same behavior is maintained here Date & operator += (const Date & d); }; To conclude, it can be said that every overloaded operator must implement an interface that is similar to the one that is manifested by the built-in operator.

Argument-dependent lookup, or Koenig lookup, simplifies the use of namespaces by automating the name lookup process. " Templates A template is a mold from which related functions or classes are instantiated. Templates have come a long way since they were first introduced to the language in 1991. Back then, they were merely clever macros. However, the adoption of STL required considerable extensions to this feature. An overview of these extension is provided in the following sections. " Template-Template Argument A template can now take a template as an argument.

The Standard Template Library, or STL, comprises a substantial part of the Standard Library. STL is collection of generic containers -- such as vector, list, and stack -- and a rich collection of generic algorithms for sorting, finding, merging, and transforming these containers. Chapter 10, "STL and Generic Programming," is dedicated to STL. Internationalization and Localization The current C++ Standard is an international Standard approved by ISO. To qualify as such, Standard C++ has been fully internationalized.

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