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By P. Sipma

Initially released in 1875. This quantity from the Cornell college Library's print collections was once scanned on an APT BookScan and switched over to JPG 2000 structure by way of Kirtas applied sciences. All titles scanned conceal to hide and pages might comprise marks, notations and different marginalia found in the unique quantity.

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1 In these words the initial aspiration (see §§ 73, 1/31). 2 In these words the initial 3 In these words the initial h has dropped, d often drops h has or is (see § 129). dropped. reduced to a sligh STEESS t* 1* ' 19 with a and u-resonance, to draw the attention of little children. t* r* to incite horses. 1 i Stress 84. In Frisian, stress is generally subject to the Germanic dialects. ment seems superfluous here. in other sufficient for the For same rules as this reason a complete treat- The following short indications are purposes of this book.

When the word contains a comparison. Examples—'pik'swat 2. When the first (pikswart), 'dra'stil (deastil). part serves to express a high degree. Examples— 'sti:f'fe:st (stiiffest), 'sto:k'blin (stokblyn), 1'swi-at (ynswiet), 'tro'wi-at (trochwiet), 'u-ar'bli:d (oerbliid). 3. When the first part serves to modify the signification of the second part. Example— 'Hoxt'blou (Ijochtblau). Some words have, besides their main 94. form, another, when they are strongly stressed, either in the sentence or isolated.

G. 2. Note. (net). : f6a da (foar de) and foar a (four ira da (oer de) and u-ar a (oer 'e) 'e) tro da (troch de) and trog a (troch 'e). consonant of the adverb no/j nog (noch) yet, is often assimilated in the combination with net, nt (net) not, thus The 106. final nog net and no net, nognt and nont (noch net). 107. The final consonant of the adverbs and (troch) and o:v (except h) in (of) is prepositions trog usually assimilated before a consonant compound words and before the article da (de). Examples tro isarr e nin (troch waer en wyn) 'trore:d (trochreed), 'trodrluwa (trochdriuwe) 'o-ari-ada (ofriede), 'a-agran (ofgean) tro da sir at (troch de The Note.

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